I have spent several years coaching individuals and groups on effective relationship communication. Here is what a few clients have said:

"The memorable exercises were a lot of fun..."

“Wow!  The Couples AFTC seminar was awesome!  The very positive and upbeat strategy used by the presenter to help individuals see themselves as others see them was an eye opener. It helped us to realize how very important the right type of communication is to all relationships. The memorable exercises  were a lot of fun and really help me put my actions/reactions to my relationship with my husband in perspective. I am very fortunate in that my marriage of 39 years has been one made in heaven, however the information and especially the exercises during the seminar help to re-energize some small but very important areas of my relationship I have long considered dormant.  I highly recommend this seminar to groups, organizations, but especially couples of all ages and especially to those who are planning to schedule pre-marital counseling before marriage."

Evangelist Sandra Puckett

Co-Founder of  R.E.S.T.O.R.E  Outreach

"LaQuita brought up topics that made us think and talk about our feelings."
"I recently attended the Spilling the Tea on Womanhood workshop coached by LaQuita Parks. There was a mix of mothers and daughters of various ages at the event. This was a treat in itself, because you got to see how different everyone’s relationship is. I received a series of teaser emails that had me anticipating the event. When the day came, I wasn’t disappointed. LaQuita brought up topics that made us think and talk about our feelings. Everyone willingly participated because she made us all feel very comfortable. She did a wonderful coaching job and I would eagerly attend another one of her workshops."
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nicole Scott 

"Ms. Parks possess the humbleness, emotions, characteristics and..."

"I testify as a witness that LaQuita Parks qualifies to facilitate seminars on the subject of relationship communication. I am personally familiar with the material she has presented in seminars. Ms. Parks possess the humbleness, emotions, characteristics and spirit to present qualitative information with reference to communications in relationships."


"The techniques you used made me think..."

"Coach LaQuita, the relationship communication workshop my wife and I attended recently was not only informative but very helpful to our relationship. The techniques you used made us think how important basic communication is; how you might say one thing but mean something totally different. You can't assume anything. Thank you for letting us know that we need to "check in" from time to time to make sure the relationship is OK. We thoroughly enjoyed the waffles and spaghetti exercise."

Kenneth & Mary McCane

"I especially liked how LaQuita used music..."

"I had fun and enjoyed the concept of the Relationship Communication session I attended by Coach LaQuita. I especially liked how LaQuita used music analysis as it relates to communication within relationships. I am looking forward to the next one and this time I am bringing my man."

Kimberly Parks 
Public Safety/Area Director - Event Services

 Teen Testimonials

The teenage communication session that was done for a group of my friends was fun and very informative. I also liked that it was very interactive. Alexis Tanner

My name is Nakeyya Hunt and I have been participating in Ms. LaQuita Parks groups called A Failure 2 Communicate which is held at Chris Kids every last Monday, I also went to her gathering called Beauty re-Defined. I loved it! It was many variety of women letting us know about our health and hair and our image. At this event there was a video and that video indicated that just because you see females on magazines or even Barbie doll figures and you don’t have that figure, it doesn’t’ mean you are beautiful; you are beautiful because God made you and you are not a mistake. I hope in the future there will be more of these events bigger or even co-ed because just because us female may have low-self-esteem there are men that can relate to issues as well. I wouldn’t change anything about Ms. Parks events but to make it international.

Beauty re-defined was an event that I think touched the lives of many young women. It helped us to know that we are beautiful inside and out despite of what anyone has to say. It was great hearing about the different ways to keep our body healthy and clean, as women we go through many changes in our body as we continue to get older, we needed to know what intake of food was better for us to eat so that our body will stay healthy. The session about the hair and the skin was also helpful because I know that as women we sometimes struggle with our hair as to why don't we have long hair as this person in the magazine has, or why isn't our skin as flawless as this persons is. Every person is unique in their own way, and I believe that is what this event helped many to realize. At the end, everyone was able to go through the different clothes that was donated and take whatever they wanted if it fit. It was a great coming together of sisterhood, I think. There was a lot learned from it.
Ayana Sallins

Hello, my name is Ekemini Udom, and I wanted to describe the wonderful time and experience I had at the Beauty Redefined Event. Before I attended this event, I always use to question myself, "Am I beautiful girl," or "Why can I not look like this celebrity or model." Well, last November entirely changed my whole mindset upon the definition of the term "Beauty." Beauty, as I learned in this event, is defined as the quality present in a thing or a person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to one's mind, especially in a woman. It is not defined from a person's appearance, or rather makeup, but beauty is mostly defined from what the God states about beauty. In Psalms 50:2 says, "Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, Gods shines forth," meaning God makes perfection of beauty for every human living on this earth, and he creates natural beauty that makes everyone beautiful in their own way. However, in this past event, the definition of beauty helped me to realize that and to grow into the mindset of what beauty really is. It helped me overcome fears and derogatory words of what people told me what beauty is, it helped me to build this self-esteem that endured the inner strength that I found within myself, and overall, it helped to love myself as who I am. I would love to say thank you, Mrs. L. Parks, for helping me to retrain my thoughts among the term of what beauty is defined of.

LaQuita Parks
Communication Coach
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