A Year of Discovering Me!

A Failure 2 Communicate Mentoring Program

A YEAR OF DISCOVERING ME! "Helping Parents Help their Children Make Better Choices!"

A Year of Discovering Me was developed to provide a unique learning experience that will allow the participant to build positive life skills and positive self-awareness. Through various fun and adventure based activities, young people will expand their self-awareness, uncover or discover their leadership potentials, realize possibilities, understand the importance of commitment and accomplish tasks they didn’t know they were capable of.
Activities are team based and all participants are encouraged to commit to fostering a positive shared group experience to receive the ultimate benefits of the program. The parent, child, and mentor's commitment are essential to the individual success of the journey.

Unique Learning Experiences

Expand Self Awareness

Build Positive Life Skills

Uncover or Discover Leadership Potentials

Realize Possibilities

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