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A Failure 2 Communicate Mentoring Program

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Communication Coach & Mentor
LaQuita Parks

  "It is important to know that we are not perfect...we are all works in progress. We must accept ourselves as we are; blemishes, flaws and all. There is no way for us to truly love life without first truly loving ourselves. You are your closest friend and you should be your biggest cheerleader...the only one who has been with you since you were born. Other than the creator, you are the one that knows the depths, the core of your heart. Only you know your dreams and your desires. Starting right here, right now...make a determined effort to be better to you, love yourself and treat yourself with kindness and respect. Don't allow other to mistreat you. Teach them how you want to be treated. Celebrate the fact that you are UNIQUE and you are BEAUTIFUL!"
"Ms. LaQuita's programs are great! I love the way she gives personal attention to everyone. Her program is one that I think everyone needs and can benefit from. Ms LaQuita has been my mentor and coach for over five years and because of her, I understand what loving myself really means!"     Jazzmine Simmons

A Failure 2 Communicate offers one on-one-coaching and mentoring programs that teaches individuals how to love and respect themselves from the inside out. Its founder, LaQuita Parks has received several awards for her outstanding work in the community.